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Who Are United?

United Restoration Disaster Services started in 2016 after being formed by two people that wanted to change the industry. After serving his country around the globe in the Marines, Patrick started working in Wisconsin in 2011 for a large contractor. In 2014, Patrick was given the opportunity to open up an office for that contractor back home here in Michigan. After realizing that the company Patrick worked for prided their green-driven business model over clients, he left. Vince Orlando was working for Patrick during that season and left with Patrick for the same reasons and both shared the same vision of what could be. Vince came with a background in financing, acting and sales. Vince also liked to dabble in law and has thus far become a key focus in the work that URDS does. Both saw a high demand for an honest company and a need for someone to fight for the people, against the insurance industry. A “United” front fighting for everyday people. 


Patrick Stemmler

Born and raised in Essexville, MI, Patrick left home before turning 23 to join the United States Marine Corps. After spending four years active duty serving in the Pacific theater (2004 Tsunami Relief) and a tour of duty in Iraq in 2006, his career was cut short due to various injuries, which forced him to seek employment outside of the manual labor field. Since childhood and through his years in the military, Patrick maintained his strong work ethic and desire to help others by performing honest work. In 2011 while living in Wisconsin, he was hired by the top insurance restoration company in the country and quickly rose to the top of the ranks. After spending almost four years with them and opening up an office in Michigan, Patrick decided it was time to part ways due to an integrity conflict that wouldn’t allow him to adhere to its corporate, greed-driven business model. Hence the formation of United Restoration Disaster Services. The company that holds the insurance industry to the same level of integrity that we expect from our country’s finest.


Vince Orlando

Finance and International Business major, Vince Orlando, spent the bulk of his adult life in the motion picture industry in various capacities but focused on creative finance. In his experience as a producer, Vince became highly acclimated to the inner workings of insurance companies and insurance law as a whole. After returning from Los Angeles to his home state of Michigan to work in the state’s newly booming film industry, Vince took an interest in Michigan insurance law. He found himself working alongside Patrick Stemmler at the nation’s leading insurance restoration company. Fed up with the company’s boiler room method for generating revenue, Vince spotted a high demand for a company with integrity as it’s a central focus within the field of insurance restoration. It’s at this point that Vince and Patrick set out to form URDS. The integrity advocates!